so am i as the rich whose blessèd key...

can bring him to his sweet up-lockèd treasure.

a nervous shipwreck
20 October
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it's been super swell, folks. i've moved >> locksmithy

sleep well, little jojofaerie
2002-05-12 17:04:07 ~ 2006-04-22 17:49:48

my journal title/subtitle quote a particular peculiar sonnet i'm fond of, by that dandy ol' chap Shakespeare >> # 052. i enjoy it marvelous much as it has to do with many things i'm quite fond of (aside from the sonnet & the author himself): locks, keys, jewels & captains. aye.


above: my 1920's 20th birthday soiree, '04 & my masquerade mlle. xxi/21st.
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