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22 avr 2006 @ 13:42 that in gold clasps locks in the golden story
RIP little jojofaerie, it's been grand.
i created this place 2002-05-12 at 17:04:07, and now tis time to move onward.
thanks to everyone who's met me through this crazy site, come to know me through this, my first lj and hung around.

i don't know when this week i'll get around to properly rejoining communities and adding everyone back, so please be patient with me and feel free to add...

>> locksmithy

new email too ~ buccaneer.sonneteer(at)gmail.com

ta, loves
cette entrée déliceuse...
clutch to the bosom!
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Date:le 22 avril 2006 21:27 (UTC)
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Oh. :( Ah, well. Progress is a good thing, I suppose!
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Date:le 23 avril 2006 02:34 (UTC)
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don't be too sad, look, more pictures of mr. jon >> fo' you!

you can still refer to me as this username in your lj, just a href it to locksmithy, or don't link it at all! i won't mind!
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Date:le 22 avril 2006 22:51 (UTC)
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Date:le 23 avril 2006 01:08 (UTC)
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"Me-ow me-o! ! Me-ow, me-oo!
What will Mamma and Nursy do?"
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Date:le 25 avril 2006 22:42 (UTC)
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ah, well change is change is change i suppose.
you gave this journal a good run.

see you around! <3