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02 avr 2006 @ 23:34 . . .
if music be the food of love, play on: broken social scene (m'first listen-through)
sheryl told me i needed an intervention. i don't want it to come to that. so i think i should just confess...

this week i have been binging on:
stage makeup

and to-day i dipped back into that horrible habit...
music piracy.

heh heh. madonna's complete discography what? alas, i'm using my ol' dell for this business, and it has only 5g left on it. so that'll have to wait. 80g powerbook, how i long to...ab/use you better. soon my sweet. mr. mike-k i need mac osx torrent help eventuallement.

time for dante comma baby

p.s. i have ridiculous amounts of space on my ipod and haven't got-ten new music in aeons. everyone recommend a band + an album of theirs you think i don't have but should. i am not hip enough, help me i'm bombarded by mtv U when i'm in the gym!
cette entrée déliceuse...
(on the face) idiomatique ivrit
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Date:le 03 avril 2006 04:02 (UTC)
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wellll, since I don't quiiite know what you have, let's try a bunch.

Band - Album
Blonde Redhead - Misery is a Buttefly
Islands - Return to the Sea
Mono - Formica Blues

All of these I can supply at great speeds and generally high sound quality. Perhaps next time I'm on campus, which is probably tomorrow evening.
(Deleted comment)
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Date:le 03 avril 2006 04:07 (UTC)
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the last i still have to thank you for putting onto the system that played into the green room the other night :D

i have meant to get me some mountain goats
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Date:le 03 avril 2006 14:11 (UTC)
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I have every Mountain Goats full-length album ever, so if you want me to hook you up just let me know.
Date:le 03 avril 2006 04:15 (UTC)
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I'd be happy to give you (via AIM):

Ted Leo and the Pharmacists- Hearts of Oak
Bishop Allen- Charm School
Mates of State- Team Boo
Sufjan Stevens- Illinois and Postcards from Michigan
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Date:le 03 avril 2006 04:19 (UTC)
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you -may- just tempt me to return to the land of aim for a spell...
alas the music-procrastination is cutting into very important dante/udr belated app time now, so anon methinks, good sir.

psst i love me some joro psst
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Date:le 03 avril 2006 04:27 (UTC)
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A bunch of what I've been listening to lately:
Heavy Vegetable - Frisbee
Pinback - Blue Screen Life + Summer in Abaddon
Oh No! Oh My! - self titled
Sunny Day Real Estate - Diary
Eagles of Death Metal - Death by Sexy
P.O.S. - Audition
Mark Kozelek - What's Next to the Moon
the Format - Interventions and Lullabies

Umm... yeah, and lots of others too.
You rocked at improvathon!
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Date:le 03 avril 2006 04:34 (UTC)

I think it is likely you will have these...but just in case!

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The Milk-Eyed Mender- Joanna Newsom
Cherry Peel-Of Montreal
Veneer-Jose Gonzalez
Young Liars EP-TV on the Radio (and their new album, as of yet untitled, which was just leaked!)
Apocalyptica- Self Titled
Glassworks- Michael Reisman and the Phillip Glass Ensemble
Oh Me Oh My...The Way The Day Goes By The Sun Is Setting Dogs Are Dreaming Lovesongs Of the Christmas Spirit- Devendra Banhart

and i love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!
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Date:le 03 avril 2006 04:48 (UTC)

I've been listening to

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Secret Chiefs 3 - Book of Horizons (or any others)
Mr. Bungle - Disco Volante (or California)
Elysian Fields - Queen of the Meadow
Ruins- Tzomborgha

you're welcome to borrow any of them
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Date:le 03 avril 2006 04:57 (UTC)
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against me! - reinventing axl rose
sufjan stevens - come on feel the illinoise!
lamb - what sound
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Date:le 03 avril 2006 05:02 (UTC)
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First, a *big* second on the Blonde Redhead recommendation. Actually, any album would be good, but Misery is their latest and has a lot going for it.

Pretty Girls Make Graves -- again, either album, but if you want one, go for New Romance.
Kaiser Cheifs -- Employment
International Noise Conspiracy -- New Morning
Spoon -- Girls Can Tell
Collide -- Chasing the Ghost
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Date:le 03 avril 2006 05:02 (UTC)
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HUMANWINE (i don't know if you can find anything by them, but try!)

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Date:le 03 avril 2006 05:32 (UTC)
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eep sorry it got late to-night i just finished a marathon of reading dante and my eyeballs ache. time for bed. so we are overdue to chat like cats, like whoa. i apologize for no-cally. thankee for calling me about the mysterious missy.

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Date:le 03 avril 2006 05:42 (UTC)
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excellent for zoning out to, or dancing jivily about while making cookies (as we discovered this afternoon).
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Date:le 03 avril 2006 05:54 (UTC)
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download tomato torrent. its a mac torrent program that works real good. i should be sleeping like whoa.
Date:le 03 avril 2006 13:51 (UTC)
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anything by skrewdriver
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Date:le 03 avril 2006 14:13 (UTC)
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not entirely sure what you'd like, but something i absolutely LOVE that i think you'd be into:

Tilly and the Wall, "Wild Like Children"

not sure how prevalent that album is (it used to be big amongst the indie rockers, but who knows now?), but i have it and can give it to you if you'd like.
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Date:le 03 avril 2006 16:07 (UTC)
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One of my favote bands, an obscure canaian band that broke up a couple years ago: Moxy Fruvous... any of their albums are awesome, but my favorite has to be 'Bargainville'
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Date:le 05 avril 2006 01:16 (UTC)
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A Jersey band called Socratic. Their album is Lunch for the Sky
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Date:le 07 avril 2006 23:52 (UTC)
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You are made of lovely things.
I hope you don't mind me befriending you at all!