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26 mar 2006 @ 12:12 . . .
:: telling morning-zombie secrets.
weekday mornings i get up usually an hour before i have to be anywhere, and by that i mean 15 minutes before i'm actually due wherever there is. with my eyelashes and my hood and my sunglasses on.

on weekends i sleep until 11 or noon at the earliest. i slept until 1pm yesterday. i think i get the most/best writing done on weekend 'mornings' before i've changed out of my pajamas, before i've had anything except coffee, before i've showered, before i've left the apartment. perhaps i'm in my element as the ugly-morning-cretin, the hermit. i believe only one person has every interacted with this beast. it seems to be a rare time-space-coninuum version of me that doesn't happen at home/port, dc.

this week: seeing/meet-ink alix olson, alice in wonderland party behaviour darting out of every available door, delusionally tired = super cheap date, no drinks required! my mum's veeseet + chillaxin' with all my advisors (ha, calm, right), paintin' my nekkid friends into teenage mutant ninja turtles (stoled keara links, though i'm not yet in any photos posted, i forget whose camera got me in compromising butt-painty and latex trimming from the naughty-bits positions), macbeth run-through's w/ paparazzi outbursts, watching the 1961 'parent trap' while puttering about yesterday was really surreal and full of nostalgia-blah, and last night featured a hot date with my mum's shrink-crew at an avant garde food sculpture-esque trendy restaurant where we were served our main course at 10:30. me and the fogies were definitely barely up for all that. 'lady is a tramp' was a very apt first song to listen to yester-morn.

p.s. i like retro adverts too much.
cette entrée déliceuse...
clutch to the bosom!
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Date:le 27 mars 2006 00:36 (UTC)
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you should join the vintage_ads community. it's super fun!
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Date:le 27 mars 2006 01:59 (UTC)
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since you and yours like pictures (of me) i'll put the only reasonably not-crazy-looking picture of me in the act of turtle painting 'pon nekkid bods, and here, namely nips.


thanks for the community linky
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Date:le 28 mars 2006 03:38 (UTC)
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Liquid Latex was one of the few completely, undeniably cool things about Brandeis. I kinda miss it...