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10 avr 2006 @ 23:22 . . .
in other news...
my favourite library nook/carrel (sp?) has had its graffiti attemptedly scrubbed off.
no more virginity survey. pfft.

or my freshman inkings of 'ahavah' like the good ivritspeakin crunchy chick i was.
cette entrée déliceuse...
ofanim be my speed
Date:le 11 avril 2006 04:52 (UTC)
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The virginity survey gave me quite a heart-attack as a freshman. :P
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Date:le 11 avril 2006 11:29 (UTC)
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Oh, and as regards your earlier post; you'd look goshdarn-cool with or without the dreads, but it's always interesting to change things.
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Date:le 11 avril 2006 13:56 (UTC)
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What was this virginity survey?
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Date:le 11 avril 2006 15:06 (UTC)
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this carrel had a multi question survey scribbled into its side, with gender/age you lost it/did it hurt/how many lovers since/any regrets type stuff to answer.